Wired Communications
Solutions and Services of advanced technologies relevant to Copper and Fiber Optics Networks as well as various specialized applications for Telephony and Data Transmission.
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Wireless Communications
Integrated telecommunication solutions and specialized Professional Services in the areas of Wireless Access and Transmission, as well as option for further integration.
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Integrated Solutions which compose user requirements, solution design, product supply and realization, which may be applied to small business as well as to ISP.
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Marine Electronics
Up-to-date systems for Satellite and Wireless communications, Navigation, Integrated solutions for Vessels Traffic Monitoring as well as Marine Simulators.
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Special Applications
Complex Solutions integrating objects and systems of Technologies relevant to Environment, Meteorology, Hydrology, Automation, Borders Security as well as Measurement Instruments.
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Complete Solutions which include equipment as well as high tech services relevant to Natural Gas and Energy Production from conventional and renewable sources.
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MARAC was founded in 1976 in Piraeus and is considered as one of the most important groups in the field of technology.

The over 30 years of experience have established very well our company into the Greek market as well as in most of the countries in south-eastern Europe, for the provision of integrated solutions and specialized services to its customers.

Our company has been a member of the Athens Stock Exchange since 2003 whilst our excellent organization has led to the ISO 9001:2008 certificate obtainment by ELOT.

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